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Member Benefits

National Wholesale Fuels Buying Club's membership is never an out of pocket expense. Membership fees will be deducted from a dealers quarterly rebate check issued by National Wholesale Fuels Buying Club based on program participation and rebates collected. Annual membership fees are classified below:

  • $500/Year ($125/Quarter) - for stores over 1,000 square feet
  • $400/Year ($100/Quarter) - for stores 500-1,000 square feet
  • National Wholesale Fuels Buying Club dealers will also receive the following membership fee chain discounts: 
    • 5-9 locations = 5% discount
    • 10-19 locations = 10% discount
    • 20-49 locations = 15% discount
    • 50-99 locations = 20% discount
    • 100+ locations = 25% discount
  • 10% Administrative Fee is applied to quarterly rebate checks sent from National Wholesale Fuels Buying Club
  • National Wholesale Fuels Buying Club will never send you a bill for your membership fees, it is not an out of pocket expense.

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