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Member Benefits

National Wholesale Fuels Buying Club is the perfect place for National Wholesale Fuels Dealers to maximize their profits! Through our national affiliation, National Wholesale Fuels Buying Club negotiates and tracks the best vendor and rebate programs with top national vendors throughout the country on behalf of National Wholesale Fuels Dealers. Additional membership benefits include the following:

Automatic Accrual Rebates

National Wholesale Fuels Buying Club negotiates the accrual rebate programs usually only offered to large chains, tracks store purchases, bills and collects the earned rebates and pays National Wholesale Fuels Dealers on a quarterly basis.

Contracted Placement Programs

National placement and shelving programs negotiated on an annual basis with the potential of earning hundreds of marketing dollars.

Monthly Promotions/Special Pricing

National Wholesale Fuels Buying Club's monthly emails feature promotions, special pricing and ordering opportunities. At the end of every month, National Wholesale Fuels Dealers receive a recap digital magazine called "The Competitive Edge" that reviews all the different programs, promotions and deals available from the previous month. 

Monthly Shipper Push Out Program & New Product Push Out Program

The shipper push out program is a monthly distribution of shippers or displays from participating vendors. These shippers and displays feature top selling products and are meant to create impulse purchases and promotional excitement. The New Product Push Out Program is another monthly distribution of the newest products from participating vendors. Dealers on this program will receive 2-4 sku's of the hottest new products. These products are meant to keep you competitive and up to date with the newest product trends in the c-store industry. 

Quarterly Rebate Checks

National Wholesale Fuels Buying Club dealers receive quarterly rebate checks via mail with the accrual rebates, shelving allowances or promotional bill backs they have earned from the previous quarter. Along with the check, dealers receive a detailed report of the rebates received. 

National Tobacco Program

National Wholesale Fuels Buying Club offers a value-add tobacco program. This program is free to participate in and allows dealers to be contracted with the major tobacco companies. This program offers total tobacco category management, pricing assistance, tracking and processing of payments, education on category trends, contract changes and industry news, as well as representation of the major tobacco companies. 

Coffee Program

National Wholesale Fuels Buying Club is partnered with a top coffee company to provide a full service coffee program to dealers. These programs include eye catching coffee sets, displays, equipment and quarterly rebates. 

Category Management

National Wholesale Fuels Buying Club's utilizes our data to provide category management on all categories within a convenience store. Through that data, dealers can receive reports on missing sku's, top sku's, correct product recommendations and planogram support. 

Account Representatives

Each dealer has their own account representative that calls dealers on a monthly basis to educate on the different programs offered, rebates possible, and are there to help answer any questions or concerns. 

Opportunities to Maximize Sales, Profitability and Reduce Administrative Costs

National Wholesale Fuels Buying Club is partnered with top national vendors like Anheuser-Busch, Gatorade, Kellogg’s, Mondelez, Nestle Waters, Wonderful Pistachios & Almonds, BIC and many more!



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