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About Us

National Wholesale Fuels Buying Club is the buying club exclusively for National Wholesale Fuels Dealers. National Wholesale Fuels has partnered with a national affiliation consisting of thousands of independent retailers. Through this partnership, National Wholesale Fuels will be able to offer chain benefits to dealers. These benefits include the following: 

  • Negotiated Vendor Programs with Top National Vendors
  • Category Mangaement
  • Top SKU Data
  • Core Item Rebates and Allowances
  • New Product Introductions
  • POS and Merchandising Materials
  • Shipper Programs
  • Monthly Promotional Opportunities. 

The goal of the National Wholesale Fuels Buying Club is to ensure National Wholesale Fuels Dealers can take advantage of chain benefits in order to be competitive within the marketplace. 

National Wholesale Fuels delivers the simplest and most efficient solution to supplying gasoline, diesel products and branding opportunities to independent motor fuel retailers across the country. To gain a competitive edge in today’s market, retailers need more than fuel and branding. Our approach to giving them that edge is called The Energy to Succeed, and it’s at the heart of National Wholesale Fuels’ values. National Wholesale Fuels currently sells nearly 900 million gallons of fuel annually through our network of more than 800 accounts. We operate within eleven Regional Business Units throughout the United States and can service virtually any area of the country thanks to our extensive supply relationships. For more information visit


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